English Lavender Agarbatti incense sticks come in a 15g box. All of these products are Masala based hand rolled incense. The products we carry are all genuine Satya Sai Baba.

Satya English Lavender Incense 15 Gram

SKU: 873594003081
  • From the makers of the famous blue box Nag Champa comes a wonderful new fragrance. Hand rolled in India from pure extracts and fine scented oils, Satya Sai Baba Incense is world renowned for fine fragrance.

    Shrinivas Sugandhalaya is the producer of Satya incense, hand rolled in India from pure extracts and fine scented oils. Satya Incense is world renowned for its fine fragrance. Natural ingredients are perfectly blended to create a sweet, long lasting earthy fragrance which will last for hours after the stick has finished burning

  • Light the end of the incense stick until a flame is established. Allow it to burn for a few seconds to ensure it is properly lit. Gently extinguish by blowing or fanning out the flame.

    Your stick should glow red and a gentle wisp of smoke should be seen.  Place your incense stick in a safe location away from children or pets and away from all flammable material. You can use incense without a holder, however it is advise that you have something nonflammable to hold it in place and to catch fallen ash such as metal or glass. Do not place next to an open window where a breeze could knock your holder or incense and burning incense stick over.