Lily Linko Box contains 8 to 10 products. Each box has its unique products hand-picked for you or your loved one.  Self-care is the best care.

Lily Linko's Self care box

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Lily Linko
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  • Lily Linko boxes were designed to bring aforable self-care and goodies to your doorstep or a gift to loved one who needs a good pick me up or even just becuase! Lily Linko deals with handmade products and the boxes were designed to bring them to your door step as the bussiness and product line grows along side other handpicked beloved products from a wide range of production! 

    What can I find in these boxes:

    Makeup, Skincare, Haircare, Food/Snacks, Home decor, Self-care Tools, Books, Stickers, Candles, and Activity items.