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About Lily Linko

Delivering quality since 2018

    Subscription boxes and handmade products are a dime a dozen, however, each one will bring something to the table. Living in the digital age we have all kinds of things at the tips of our fingers. We are engrossed in our fast-paced lifestyle and Lily Linko is here to remind you of the Important moments; Like self-care. Taking a moment to soak in the sweet aromas of candles and wax melts. 

    Lily Linko strives to highlight little things and the importance of care delivered straight to your doorstep or a loved one. Lily Linko started as an idea to expand self-care packages. Lily Linko started out without a brand name being sold as a mystery care package. A box here, a box there, and the feedback encouraged the growth of Lily Linko. Lily Linko's aim was to deliver boxes that would brighten people's days and give them a box they'd love! 

    With some much out there, the turnout was even better than anticipated. Feedback was great and used to revise, and make Lily Linko better! We strive to keep growing and becoming our best version of ourselves. To everyone who has supported Lily Linko whether it be buy purchasing, sharing, liking, etc. You have our hearts as we couldn't do it without your support.

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